Greennnpanda Craft's 1st Giveaway



Terms & conditions:
1. Follow GPC's blogshop and/or "Like" GPC's Facebook page. (for those who do not have a Facebook account, you juz need to follow this blogshop)
2. Write an entry entitled "Greennnpanda Craft's 1st Giveaway", insert the GA banner in your entry and make sure to back link it to this entry.
3. Leave your blogger ID, Facebook ID (if necessary) and entry link in the comment section of this entry only.
4. Giveaway period: 5th September - 30th September 2012
5. Winners will be picked randomly & the results will be announced a week after the deadline.

List of Prizes [UPDATED!!]
1st place
* Name keychain (customised)
* Sweet Cupcake bookmark
* Love paper clip

2nd place
* Name keychain (customised)
* Bunny bookmark
* Love paper clip

3rd place
* Name keychain (customised)
* Cute Star bookmark
* Love paper clip

4th-6th place
* Cute Star HP strap
* Love paper clip

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